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Early Years and Primary School
Background Information

Please complete all sections of the application form that are relevant to your child’s circumstances.
This information will be used to place your child in the appropriate classes within the school, as well as indicate what support may be required to help your child’s transition.

Pupil’s Knowledge of Languages
Pupil’s Knowledge of Languages

Add Language

For those pupils who do not have the language section corresponding to their dominant language, please indicate above whether you wish for them to attend their mother tongue course.

Children in the English, French and German language section, that follow a mother tongue tuition different to their language section, will automatically follow the language of their section as Language II. This is in accordance with the European School regulations.

Additional Information regarding Medical, Physchological or Educational Needs

This information is extremely important for us to have, to be able to assess the needs of your child and make the necessary provisions for a smooth start or transition into our school.

Information regarding mental, physical or educational needs

If you have answered YES to any of the questions above, Admissions will send you an additional form to complete and return before the application can be processed.

Please provide some information about your child’s personality, character or anything else you would like to share about your family

By submitting this form you are confirming that all information and documents provided with this application are accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge.

You also accept that your data and the data relating to your child(ren) can be transferred between the ESH Primary and ESH Secondary.

Date: May 20, 2019

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